“好” 味道嘅XO醬、“襟” 食嘅薑蔥蓉、“撈” 飯冇得輸頭抽皇
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“好” 味道嘅XO醬:

I think we all agree this is probably one of the best ways to use leftover rice at home.

Having the boost in umami from the dried prawns and scallops, elevated sweetness from the sea. we don’t add pork to this as traditionally done as we really wanted the flavours of the sea to really shine through with a hint of heat to balance out the sweetness.

We are proud of what we have produced with this, and believe you will love it too in your kitchens. from our SK family to yours, we hope you can enjoy XO as we do.


“襟” 食嘅薑蔥蓉:

One of my childhood memories would revolve around this condiment. the heat from the slowly caramelised ginger, bringing out more depth of flavour.

After coming home, and making a simple hand shredded chicken lao mein, great one it’s own, even better with a heaped teaspoon of the ginger spring onion oil.

From our SK family to yours, we hope you can enjoy the flavours we enjoyed as children till now, conveniently.

mmmm deliciousness in a jar.


“撈” 飯冇得輸頭抽皇:

Not sure how many of you have woken up on a weekend, or come home from a long day of work, and didn’t feel like whipping up something large for a meal.

One of the easiest meals but stunning flavour, and utterly satisfying is this. simply steamed rice, and a crispy edged fried egg, all topped with a sweet, savoury, and utterly delicious first draw soy sauce. Simply delicious.

The recipe is over 3 generations old, with the key ingredient being the first draw soy making that world of a difference.

We believe this will bring back memories of your childhood here. from our SK family to yours, we are positive you will enjoy this, and reminisce about the times this meal was made during your youth.

Contact us for more information about our limited run condiments before we sell out.


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