A balanced healthy natural diet can help reduce the risk of illnesses which could be caused by an unhealthy diet. Combining a varieties of natural food without the use of artificial additive such MSG, flavour enhancers and preservative.*

Why Do We Age Beef?

The main reason for aging beef is to allow enzymes naturally present in the meat to break down the tough tissue to tenderise texture and flavour. Only prime cuts such as sirloin or rib eye can be dry aged whereas other subprime cuts lack the natural property to benefit from this process. There are two kinds of aged beef, the traditional dry aged and the new modern wet aged.

Why Scottish Highland Cattle?

Scottish Highland cattle are the oldest pedigree breed of cattle in the world and the first cattle breed to be registered back in 1884. Originally there were two types of Highland cattle, known as Kyloes. These were small and black in colour and were associated with the West of Scotland and the Islands whereas the larger red haired cattle grazed in the Highlands. Today they are known collectively as Highland Cattle and the recognised colours are Red, Black, Yellow, Dun, White Brindle and Silver.

Why 28 Days Dry Aged Scottish Highland Beef?

Only beef from the Scottish Highland pedigree breed of cattle issued with a DEFRA passport is used for our dry aged beef. This gives unprecedented provenance where each cut of meat can be traced from birth to your plate. We simply dry age our beef, bone on, for 28 days in a special climate control chamber, leaving nature to work its magic on this special meat. The result is a stunning melt in the mouth full flavour and succulent juicy beef with a hint of malt whiskey on the finish. Our signature dry aged beef is so special you have to try it to believe it!